The Abled Disabled

Denver's Business Diagram.jpg

Denver was born with polio. He grew up disabled and found it difficult to run with the neighborhood kids. Yet Denver Sinay did not allow his disability to discourage him from studying until he finished college. He finished his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. But it was not easy for him to get a job because employers couldn’t see past his disability.

A positive attitude and perseverance lead him to a new job. Denver recalls that that employer did not look at his disability, but his capability. The company was into software development. He worked there for 2 years and was transferred to Manila. There, he worked for a company manufacturing and exporting fashion accessories. For 4 years, the company saved on costs because it paid him doing 2 jobs for the cost of 1—systems administration and warehouse management. Yet it wasn’t meant to last. The company shifted to another business and laid him off.

After years of doing odd jobs, Denver started an internet cafe. He had about 20 customers per day paying a modest fee, but it was encouraging. The money was coming in. It was not much, but it provided for his young family. The problem then became how to grow the business.

He was encouraged him to attend a entrepreneurship training offered by DBA Philippines. He attended with many questions in mind. Slowly, he learned where to invest his capital and how to compute for profit, minimize costs, and handle a positive cash flow. 

As part of the training, Denver completed a business plan and secured a loan and a coach to help him grow his business. He plans to add more personal computers and open a new internet station in another location. He wants his family to continue to trust him in his business decisions. It may sound trite, but for someone who grew up feeling less than normal, trust is paramount.

Denver is thankful that though his faith and the business relationship with Divine Business Appointments, he has a hope for the future. He continues to have the passion to find solutions to the challenges before him. He wants to do what most able people would not do. He wants to rise above himself.